How the Competition Works


Each package is unwrapped and checked as soon as these arrive at our offices to ensure that all documentation is completed correctly and signed where necessary and submitted artwork conforms to the dimensions stipulated.

The artwork is registered and given a unique number and a file raised.

An image of the artwork is placed in the file as a visual reference and the artwork, once recorded is stripped on any identification other than that of the number assigned by us; this ensures that the work is judged entirely on skill, talent and merit and is not influenced by any other factors such as educational establishment being attended, gender or nationality.

Every artwork submitted is processed in the same way.

The artworks are uploaded onto our website onto a secure ‘judges only’ page and titled with the i-dott registration number only.

The first round judging is done digital to accommodate overseas judges and people who travel constantly or otherwise pushed for time.

The first round judges are asked to select a number of designs from each category.

These nominated artworks are collated and presented for further critique and final selection from the second round panel of judges.

The students of the artworks shortlisted and ultimately placed are notified immediately of the result.

Winning Students are invited as guest of the charity to attend the Annual Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held later in the year.

The tutors are also notified to ensure that all entrants are aware of the outcomes.