About i-dott

Originally formed in 2013 under the name of Camac CIO the charity exists to enable design students to present their work, through an annual competition,  to the international wallpaper and textile industries.

Through our board of Trustees, main sponsors and membership we have a global reach for colleges and Universities into textile, wallcovering and associated industries

In days gone by young designers were nurtured by the big international wallcovering and textile companies but sadly these companies have drastically shrunk in size, been eaten up or disappeared all together leaving design students to make their own way in the very tough and competitive world of design.

i-dott exists to bridge that gap between academia and industry.

Through the competition, category winners will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with business owners and decision makers from all over the world at the prize giving event.

All competition entrants work/s will be displayed at our annual fund-raising dinner  and up-loaded onto our website for the exclusively assessment of our membership.

By doing this all student has the added opportunities of being awarded work placements, gaining commissions, selling their work/s or being offered a position in a design studio.